le mot de la présidente
Audrey Clinet

« In 2012, I decided to create a selection of films created by female directors. Giving them a voice, and enabling this idea of SuperWoman filmmaker. Finishing a film, it’s a real fight and uphill climb. It takes believing in yourself strongly, being responsible in managing a team and leading a project, in an industry mainly composed by men. A female director is a woman who fights for her ideas, combining her career with her private life. She’s a woman who makes sacrifices to follow her dreams. A female director is also an artist, a technician, along with being a storyteller. She’s a powerful and empowered woman who will do what it takes to finish her film, and tell her story.

I’ve met a lot of female directors struggling to find their places in the cinema industry, who have difficulties in pushing their message and their voices forward. Many of them are often the minority at film festivals.

So I’ve created EROÏN in order to enable them to value their work, and to give them the possibility to go further, respecting their identity.
EROÏN helps them to bridge the gender gap, to gain advantages where often times they face obstacles. Women are still a minority, breaking the stereotypes of a “film made by a woman”. EROÏN commits to support young talent, the successful director of tomorrow.

Rising from short to feature is an important moment. Being a part of EROÏN is a springboard in a career of a young director. EROÏN is a label: agent, promoter, distributor, producer.
It is a new concept, changing mentalities.

After 5 years in France, I’ve decided to create the American Chapter with my partner for years, who produced my first short film: Laura Fierer.

My advise at all times for them? Be the heroine of your life! »

Audrey Clinet – Female Director and Creator of Eroïn

le mot de la présidente
Laura Fierer

« Growing up in France I’ve always been passionate about the 7th art. I went on to become a Lawyer, got my MBA in Film Production and went to USC to get my LLM and graduate certificate in Entertainment Law. I’ve worked as a production assistant and producer for multiple production companies and then created my own in 2011.

It’s in 2012 that I worked with Audrey for the first time. I was producing her first short film Parallel. She talked to me about Eroïn then and since that moment I knew that I would help her with that project anyway I could.

So when Audrey came to me about her idea to create Eroïn in the US it was a no-brainer and I gladly joined the adventure.

Eroïn represents a stepping stone for female directors everywhere and focusing our work on helping them reaching their goals and full potential is not only a wonderful task but it’s also crucial in today’s society.»

Laura Fierer – Producer and Co-Founder of Eroïn.